What I do..


I provide my clients in business and extreme sports with high quality thinking space combined with facilitation, consultation and dialogue to enable new learning, development and growth.

This provides the means to effectively explore important questions, solve problems, remove limitations and improve performance.

Who are my clients?

They are individuals from all walks of life with the following kinds of profile:

They all want to better understand what makes them tick.

  • They are performing and functioning well in their context, some of whom are at world-class levels. They have reached a limit yet sense they still have the ability to go further. They are seeking their way to reach beyond this limit.
  • They are working at senior levels as executives and/or entrepreneurs and need a confidential, well-grounded, divergent thinking, reflection, and learning space. This is often to consider the most important questions for them and their business, and to find new perspectives and answers.
  • They have been performing and functioning at high levels in their context, but things have gone wrong. They haven’t been able to solve the issues to return back to form. Sometimes they’ve been unable identify what has gone wrong and find a way to fix things.

In all cases, the outcomes are worth a lot to them so they are willing to invest the time and effort into a process that can involve hard work.

They recognise that sustainable personal/professional development and growth emerges out of a process of active learning that addresses all aspects of our selves.

In which contexts?

The majority of clients approach me for professional development and growth, and for performance improvement. My approach has been shown to be effective with, and suited to:

Those at senior levels within organisations - e.g. executives and entrepreneurs - especially those dealing with complex questions and operating environments;

Elite and professional sports - extreme sports in particular.

For example:

  • A board member who needs to reflect upon and think about critical and complex business questions in a safe, non-judgemental space that allows a deep exploration of the issues and to find answers in a facilitated yet emergent way;
  • An executive transitioning into a new role who wants to flourish as a leader in a way that's true to both her and the business;
  • An entrepreneur translating a new disruptive concept into a viable ethical and sustainable business proposition;
  • A world class athlete seeking their ultimate competitive edge whilst retaining a healthy life-balance and wider interests;
  • A self-employed professional or director of a small company who needs objective support, development and sounding board on an as needed basis.

What are the outcomes my clients value?

  • My clients consistently feed back to me that my strength is in providing them with the right space so they can explore their issues for themselves;
  • This is a safe space which allows them to be themselves without fear of judgement and enables necessary critique and exploration for learning and development;
  • In this process, I am able to facilitate the identification and unpicking of complex systemic patterns relevant to my clients' business and performance which helps my clients to identify their own aligned professional development needs;
  • My clients gain enhancement to their on-going self-knowledge and awareness;
  • The process allows the emergence of divergent thinking and perspectives;
  • There are occasions where this learning has resulted in clients transforming significant aspects of their lives.

More specifically in business & organisation contexts, clients tell me the outcomes they experience include:

  • positive leadership and organisational development outcomes;
  • better resilience;
  • improving decision making;
  • improved client and employee relationships;
  • career development and transitions;
  • vocational rehabilitation;
  • clarity of thinking to help in the formulation of new ideas, business services, solutions or products;
  • in some cases, clients have found entirely new directions emerge for themselves or their business.

In action sports, and motorcycle racing in particular, I have helped racers to:

  • win championships;
  • enjoy their experience more;
  • consistently improve their performances beyond previously held beliefs;
  • ride through the ranks to compete at levels they had previously been unable to reach;
  • resolve problems of crashing, inconsistency and loss of performance during competition;
  • mentally return to full form following major accidents/injury;

What next?

If what you have read so far resonates with you and there appears to be a fit with your needs, please contact me. I'd be happy to explore with you if there is an appropriate fit between us to work together.

If we find there is a fit, I can usually offer some free introductory work together as an opportunity to ensure the right chemistry and approach is there for both of us.

All my engagements are in complete confidence and I work to the highest ethical standards.

I look forward to hearing from you, meanwhile please feel welcome to explore my blog or you might perhaps also be interested in my research into the psychology of elite motorcycle racers. You can also find out more about me and my background here or on LinkedIn.