What can I do for you?

I can work with you to fulfil your personal and professional development aspirations.

As an experienced and qualified psychological coach, I am able to work in a well-grounded, systematic and collaborative way for you to:

  • grow, both personally and professionally;
  • be more effective in what you do;
  • gain new learning from your experience;
  • create fresh knowledge and insight into yourself and your field;
  • explore pressing questions and critical issues;
  • tackle the challenges you face;
  • find relevant solutions.

In coaching, I can offer to work with you one-to-one, or within a group as needed.

I also provide bespoke training & workshops and services to support and enhance organisational development (OD).

Business minded

If you are a senior leader, executive, business owner, or entrepreneur seeking challenge and growth, you're going to want to know that I have a business minded approach.

I have more than 25 years experience working in business environments, from the bottom to the top levels of varied organisations.

This gives me a thorough understanding of the questions and challenges that you, like other senior people and leaders, face in today's increasingly complex, uncertain and fast-paced world.

The common thread in my executive coaching work is that sustainable professional development typically corresponds to your development and growth as a person in relation to your role and wider business environment.

Life minded

Being business minded and having relevant experience is only one part of the equation (it's probably not the most important one either).

Wider aspects of your life, including those of your health and well-being, are always going to play their significant part in how you bring yourself to what you do, relate with those around you, as well as in any change and growth, or personal transformation.

You will probably already know instinctively that these softer, more intangible principles are key to your effectiveness, leadership and transitions in your life. Due to their nebulous nature they are often the most challenging to intentionally develop.

In working with you, I take a holistic approach that is based on nearly 30 years of experience in the field of personal development which is integrated with my business experience.

Lived learning

To provide you with the best of me, I approach all of what I do as a process of continuous active learning and inquiry. I invest a lot of my time into my own development and growth which feeds into all my work.

My personal philosophy of inquiry is to be engaged in a wide range of topics and activities because I find that not only does it keep me up to date, it is helpful in contributing to my own creative expression, perspectives and insights that add value to what I can offer you.

I find myself naturally drawn to do this ongoing development and I love doing it.


Given the inherent complexity and challenging nature of personal and professional growth, you'll rightfully be concerned about the extent of my qualifications. I have a Master's Degree in Psychological Coaching which is supported by lots of Continual Professional Development over the years and my initial training to become a counsellor in the early 90s.

I am an APECS Practising Executive Coach.

Adding value

The real crunch is whether working with me is going to add the value you want to your life, either personally or professionally.

I am able to bring a fresh approach with fresh perspectives that can add value in many ways. With my combined background and experience, I am comfortable with complex, demanding and uncertain environments.

I also approach my work with the added twist that the outcomes not only add value, but they do it in a genuinely meaningful way for you too, whether it's in:


Where you are wanting to invest in your development in relation to your role and the wider business as:

  • Leader;
  • Entrepreneur;
  • Executive;
  • Senior Manager;

Or you're looking for a well facilitated space to examine questions and challenges to gain a better perspective for yourself and find solutions.


You are seeking to develop yourself and grow as a person, whether this is in relation to a specific role, or for other personal reasons.

It could be that you're interested to explore the relationship and potential parallels between your development as a person and the development of your business.

Or perhaps you simply want to explore how you bring yourself to what you do (or what you want to do).

Please feel welcome to look around. My blog should give you a flavour of my thinking.

Or just drop me a line to have a conversation.

Call me: +44 (0)7970 022627

Email me: info@simondarnton.com