I work with leaders in business, entrepreneurs, and athletes in extreme sports who want to explore important questions, develop themselves or their organisations, and improve performance.

Drawing from a unique blend of business, psychology, and sports experience I facilitate on-going self-cultivation, improved wellbeing, leadership and performance using an embodied 'whole-of-you' approach which is particularly suited to difficult and complex circumstances.

I can work with you to:

  • grow, both personally and professionally;
  • be more effective in what you do;
  • gain new learning from your experience;
  • create fresh knowledge and insight into yourself and your field;
  • explore pressing questions and critical issues;
  • tackle the challenges you face;
  • find relevant solutions;
  • reduce stress and levels of anxiety;
  • improve mental and physical wellbeing.

 I can offer to work with you one-to-one as a process of coaching, or within a group as needed.

I also provide bespoke training & workshops as well as organisational development (OD) services.

Business minded

If you are operating at a senior level, you're going to want to know that I have a business-minded approach.

I have more than 25 years of experience working in business environments in which time I have worked at various levels, from junior roles to senior management. I've been involved in both small and large-scale international projects and facilitated change at individual and organisational levels. I therefore have a real world appreciation of the complexity, uncertainty and relentless pace of the business world.

I also understand very well the relationship between the growth of leaders and the development of their organisation.

Life minded

Being business-minded is only one part of the equation. (It's not the most important one either.)

How you bring yourself to what you do, relate to others, change or grow, depends on your personal history and the influences of your personal circumstances.

We all know that the softer skills, especially relational ones are key to everything we do. Due to their intangible nature, they are also the most challenging to develop.

Taking a holistic approach based on 30 years of experience in the area of personal development, I have worked with numerous individuals to help them successfully achieve their aims. This has been in work, sport and life contexts.

Lived learning

To provide you with the best of me, I approach my life as a process of continuous active learning and inquiry. I invest a lot of my time into my own development and growth which feeds into all my work.

My personal philosophy of inquiry is to engage in a range of subjects and activities. I find that this keeps me up to date. It also contributes to my own perspectives, insights, and creative expression which adds value to what I can offer you.

I'm naturally drawn to ongoing inquiry and I love doing it.


Personal and professional growth is challenging, complex, and important so, you need to ensure I have adequate training and qualifications.

I hold a Master's Degree in Psychological Coaching and I have undertaken lots of professional development and training over many years, mainly in the areas of psychology, behaviour and change, including business related development. I have trained and qualified as a counsellor and worked in counselling settings (both public and private).

I am an APECS Practising Executive Coach.

Adding value

The crunch is whether I can add the value you want.

I approach my work with the aim of adding genuine value in a meaningful way for all my clients. I am commercially aware.

I am able to bring a fresh approach with fresh perspectives that can add value in many ways.

I am comfortable with complex, demanding and uncertain environments.


I can work with you in your development as:

  • Leader;
  • Entrepreneur;
  • Executive;
  • Senior Manager;

We can also co-create a space where you can examine questions as well as find appropriate solutions.


I can work with you to develop and grow as a person, in relation to your role, for a specific objective, or for other personal reasons.

I am interested in the correspondence between personal and organisational development for leaders.

You may want to explore how you bring yourself to what you do, or want to do, and find new ways of being.

See your development for more, or my blog to get a fuller flavour of my thinking.

Better yet, drop me a line to have a conversation.

Call me on: +44 (0)7970 022627

Email me: info@simondarnton.com