Graham Hill Bend

In this second part of 'Why you should always walk the circuit', we're going to look at some softer psychological benefits to walking the circuit that racers often don't think about or recognise. The main benefit we're going to talk about is how it can help you to prepare yourself for racing.

Druids to Graham Hill Bend

There are numerous reasons why walking the circuit is so important if you want to a) improve your racing performance, and/or b) have a more enjoyable and rewarding racing experience.

The first, and probably most important reason why you should do this is: it is the only way you can fully develop your circuit knowledge. Let's look at why:

During 2014 I was introduced to Anthony Kirwan and Talan Skeels-Piggins and the newly formed motorcycle race team, Talan Racing. Talan was returning to racing from a pretty major crash at Assen in 2013 and I was asked if I might be able to help with the psychology and performance development of the team.

Given such an opportunity, how could I refuse? So I helped the team out a bit and together we achieved some very good results, with Talan's performance showing consistent improvement. I was then asked if I might work with the team for this season, 2015, as they had some new riders coming onboard and they wanted my continued support. Naturally, I agreed.

What is so remarkable about this team?

I decided to start this blog because so many things are coming up out of my coaching work and I wanted a space to write about them.

My intention is that my blog will follow some different strands which at the moment are something like: