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Headspace and Flow in Sports

What is the quality of your headspace like when you're racing? Does your current headspace work for you and allow you to be at your best?

Most racers I meet who don't perform at their best usually experience a busy, unfocussed mind, and think too much about what they're doing.

When I work with my clients, we work together to find the right quality of headspace. Like having a clear mind without thinking too much or too little, relaxed and alert, good focus and concentration, and being absorbed in what you're doing. This is something that everyone can learn.

What makes you tick?

Do you experience good feeling and rhythm every time you race? Or maybe you call it flow?

All the world-class racers I have worked with have taught me that the secret to their performance is not in how or what they think, but in the quality of their whole experience while racing. This is more than just their headspace, it is about finding their way of getting out of their heads to find their feeling, rhythm and flow.

Who do I work with?

I work with small numbers of dedicated individual riders wanting to invest in their own future or for teams who recognise the value in investing in their riders and team members. All my clients recognise that most often it's their mentality that is the secret to their success, supported by the necessary skills and abilities.

For example, I worked together with World Cup mountain bike rider Phil Atwill to help him find his headspace and improve his racing results.

And a testimonial from motorcycle racer Sarah Jordan: 

"Just  a little note to say a huge thanks for all the little chats we have had this year so far. Had a 3rd place at pembrey in supersport this weekend and beat my previous PB around there by 1.5 seconds! The old me is comming back."

I work in club and regional levels all the way to World Cup, World Championships, and the Olympics.

I welcome new clients and I'd be happy to talk to you about your needs or to answer your questions. I can offer some free upfront time to explore how we could work together and give you a flavour for how I work.

Call me or send me a message.

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