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Tai Chi for Leaders

Bespoke leadership capability development drawing upon the principles of Tai Chi and Chinese philosophy, blended with Western approaches to whole person learning.

Designed to complement and fill gaps left unfilfilled by traditional leadership develop approaches.

Delivered 1-to-1 or in small groups.


1-to-1 psychological coaching services to further executive development and to assist executives and leaders in successful role or life transitions.

Rhythm & Flow

Helping elite athletes in dangerous sports to clear their heads, find their rhythm and flow to perform at their best.

Why talk to me?

Over the years, clients have told me that I'm a good listener, giving them the space they need to fully explore what's most important to them. This gives them a space that helps them to clear their mind.

I'm also told I'm good at picking up on and highlighting blind spots, bringing them out into the open for consideration and gently nudging them to find their path.

And most importantly, my clients tell me that when we're working together, they feel they're working with a human in a human way; that I'm there with them, bringing myself fully to our work, immersing and sharing myself as part of the journey, never keeping them at arms length.

I also have my own, personal experience of all that I offer and I continue to live and breathe it:

Tai Chi for Leaders

I've been practicing Tai Chi for over 15 years and teach weekly classes in Bath (taichibath.co.uk). My Tai Chi practice underpinned my Master's degree research in Psychological Coaching, blending Chinese philosophy with whole person learning to create the basis for an alternative approach to coaching. Based on my own experience working at senior levels in business as well as coaching leaders and company founders, I came to realise its potential value in leadership development circles.


I trained to BACP standards in counselling and obtained a Master's degree in Psychological Coaching, but more importantly I have my own experience working at senior levels. For example, I've been through the big company, big promotion that takes me from what was largely a technical management position to leading people and programmes where suddenly I'm feeling feel like an imposter and my world becomes far more relational - ambiguous, uncertain and complex - and I'm not sure how to deal with it. Through incapacitating illness, I've gone through a major life and role transition which necessitated a re-evaluation of everything, including my identity.

Rhythm & Flow

Once upon a time I raced motorcycles up to national level. I've been there on the grid waiting for the lights to go out and felt the pain of wiping out. I've done a few other dangerous sports, but I've mostly gravitated toward two wheels. I therefore understand what it takes to clear your mind to find your rhythm and flow in high level competition. I've also had the privilege to work with elite motorcycle racers and mountainbike racers all the way up to world championship and Olympic levels. 


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