I partner with individuals and organisations to help them realise growth, transformation, and sustainable performance aspirations.

I don't just help people to solve problems, I help them to thrive in their contexts through ecological approaches to learning.

Here's how I can help you:


Experience is everything, yet rarely do we get to know it fully. Learn to deconstruct qualities of experience into all available constituent modes. Develop your knowledge about them to understand how they function to enable action, learning, and engagement, whether in leadership or management practice, individual performance, software/product development, or world-class sports.

Ecological Learning

Foster an ecological approach to learning for yourself or your organaistion; one which draws meaning from experience to engage, enable and enhance real-world, active learning. Bringing the possibility of deeper, transformational learning to every activity, every context. Human, self-guided, independent life-learning, but not of the classroom.

Correlative Thinking

Apply a systemic way of thinking that applies to all contexts, particularly dynamic and complex ones such as business, organisation, and medicine. Grounded in Chinese philosophy, correlative thinking provides a relational perspective, specifically in order to guide appropriate action where knowing, acting, and the nature of self (spiritual, psychological, physical) are inextricably linked to social and environmental situations.


Find your rhythm. Derived from experience in elite motorcycle racing and extreme sports, rhythm is a harmonic relationship between the person and their environment enabling better performance. Rhythm guides action by inherently seeking opportunities and potential action in the environment - ones which are by nature creative and innovative. Rhythm is also a resonant relationship between people, enhancing communication, collaboration and performance, 1-to-1 or within groups.


Truly get in touch with your embodied, felt experience, using it to enhance not just the function and integration of mind and body but you as you experience your self in relation to your worldly activities.


Find your real personal presence, to be in the unfolding situation while connected to past and future through intention and purpose. How you are in relation to your environment. In leadership this translates to an affect on people, culture and organisation.

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