Rider jumping dirt jumps

In my first piece about rhythm being an untapped dimension in coaching and one that, for me, was born out of a domain full of speed and risk, it follows that what I do in coaching has to do with rhythm. I help my clients to find better rhythms, of course, but what about me? And:

  1. What does this mean?
  2. What is my relationship to these rhythms? And;
  3. Where does the knowledge come from to make use of it in coaching?

I wanted to explore how rhythm as a fundamental quality of human nature emerges in the coaching context.

Droplets of water on a sheet of glass

This is a continuation of my story about finding a new way of coaching which unbeknownst to me drew me in to begin living in the paradigm of systematic correspondence. This is a way of thinking and being that has really gotten under my skin. It's of a distinctly Chinese flavour, mostly influenced by my love of Tai Chi Chuan.

It's part of a series of articles published on The Good Coach which is all about coaches sharing their practitioner experience.